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Drawings about people, places and things



I make work that reflects my surroundings. As a visual person, I know who I am in the world because of pictures.


As an artist, I continue to develop stylistically, by practicing generously active marks on specially prepared surfaces that I’ve developed so that it can take the abuse I give it. I want my marks to make my subject come alive, and at the same time record the “act” of making the mark, thus giving the work a sense of the object, but also a sense of the maker.


Currently, I explore nature, obscure things that catch my attention; small things, close and carefully seen, rendered in a style that has become signature to me but ever evolving.


Teri Moore


   “From Under the Bell Jar”, Gallery 1025, Paducah KY, January 2013:


   “Paducah People”, Ruth Baggett Gallery, May 2015:­‐people-­‐exhibit-­‐opens

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